DX SEASON 2004/2005

DX SEASON 2004 / 2005 - Openings to VK5 = 18; VK6 = 4

13.07.04 to 14.07.04 After sundown, 5.30pm on 13th to mid morning 14th Adelaide beacon audible just after sundown. Some Adelaide repeaters and the Esperance beacon on Spectran at 2313 km Yes Click Here
19.09.04 Morning 4am to about 12.30pm This one came up after being anticipated for about 4 days. Very strong signals around VK5, most areas including Port Lincoln repeaters on 2 and 70. Yes Click Here
06.10.04 Morning Gambier beacon 5/7, repeater is 5/5. Nothing Adelaide way No
09.10.04 4.30 am to approx 9 am Adelaide beacon peak 5/6; much QSB. Crafers, MB, BV and Lobethal worked. VK5ZK - 5/5; VK5NY - S9+20; VK5ZLX - S9+20. No
23.10.04 Morning Mildura strong this morning, beacon 5/9; Adelaide beacon S3; Mildura repeaters 2m - S9+20; 70cm - S9+20. Just got to MB. VK5ZLX and VK2KRR worked VK7JG on 2m JT65b
23.11.04 2 am till 7.30 am At 4am the Adelaide beacon was 5/8! Some repeaters in but weak - Lobethal, Murray Bridge, Crafers and Barossa Valley 2 and 70. Dissapeared around sun up rather than peaking. Worked VK5MM on the repeaters.
22.12.04 Sun up till about 9 am Interesting opening to VK5 being extremely good on 70cm FM but poor on 2m. Yes Click Here
6.02.05 first noticed 7.30am - 1pm Good opening on 2/70 to VK5 with a few new VK5 stations worked Yes Click Here
 16.02.05  About 3.30am - 9.30am  Esperance beacon copied on Spectran only, 2m 2313 Km.  Yes Click Here
22.02.05 Morning Strong opening to VK5 on 2m & 70cm Yes Click Here
24th to 26th February Mornings/Evenings Strong to VK5. Also copied Esperance beacon every day for a very long time. Worked Bill VK6AS on the Friday 25th morning. Yes Click Here
2nd & 3rd March Morning/ Evening Strong to VK5 - 2 and 70. VK5UBC 5/9. Very weak indication of Albany on Spectran. Almost worked VK5DK 1296 Digital. Yes Click Here
11th April Evening Western half of VK3 then into Mt Gambier. Warrnambool 5/7; Grampians 5/9+; Ararat 5/9+; Gambier beacons 2m 5/9; 70cm 5/5; 23cm 5/0. VK5DK 2m 5/9+20; 70cm 5/5. Gambier repeater 5/9
16th April 12am till 6pm This opening was one of those where some beacons were good, yet the repeaters were poor. Copied both Mount Gambier and Adelaide areas. Weather - Wind 0 - 3 Km/h NE; Temp 26 degC+-; Temp Inv 0 degC; RH 80 % falling; BAR 1022 falling; DP 10. VK5AKK 5/9; 5UBC, PO, ZK, ZLX, NJ weak. Crafers, Lobethal, Willunga, Gambier weak.
20th to 22nd April Mainly evenings, less effect in morning Unusual, workable (for some) high duct +- 1500 masl. Many contacts VK3, VK5 and VK7 into Canberra 146.950 repeater. Yes Click Here
26.04.05 3am till ??? mid morning Duct came in about 3am to Adelaide area. Lobethal/Crafers/BV. 2 and 70 Yes Click Here
1st & 2nd May Evening and morning Condx in after sundown and variable through the night and in morning. Interesting path to Broken Hill around midnight, also Adelaide and Mt Gambier. Yes Click Here
30.05.05 Morning Condx to Adelaide, but very strong to Mt Gambier. 1296 MHz from Mt Gambier was up to 38dB over the noise, no contacts were available. Yes Click Here