Some fabulous stuff on 2 & 70 this morning from here.

Perhaps I should say, some not so fabulous stuff on 2m. But 70cm was
awesome, unbelieveable!

Conditions only really cut in after sun up, about 6.30am my time. The
Adelaide beacon started to come out of the noise and peaked about 5/5.

Began hearing strong signals from VK3, then heard a signal in behind the
Bendigo 70cm repeater (300 km) on 438.425. Turning the antenna west, this
ends up being Barossa Valley 438.425 (737 km). The Barossa Valley 70cm
repeater peaked at 60dB+. Barossa Valley also has a linked repeater on
146.825, this was not heard at all at the time. VK5ZLT came back to me on
the Barossa 70cm device for a few overs.

I eventually got signals on 70cm repeaters - Barossa (737 km), Crafers (764
km), Summertown (760 km) and South Adelaide (778 km). Just about all these
peaked full scale.

On 2m VK5 repeaters I accessed - Murray Bridge, Crafers, Lobethal, Barossa.
I think that was about it, all mostly weak.

On 2m SSB 144.100, I could only just hear VK5UBC in the noise, no contact
made, worked VK5ZLX to 5/7.

Interestingly we all went to 439.000 FM simplex.........

Brian VK5UBC was running a yagi on 70cm but is over the hills a bit (764
km), Brian peaked to 5/6 on 439.000, but wass mostly a steady 5/4.
Peter VK5ZLX could only run a vertical omni antenna and 25 W and is on the
eastern side of the hills (735 km), Peter was constant at 5/9+40dB here on
439.000 !!! Brilliant!
We then had a call in on 439.000 from Rob VK5JSR .... mobile!! near Eudunda
(741 km), unreal stuff! and Rob peaked over 5/9 signal here.

It was at this stage that myself and Peter wished we had 1296 MHz or 10 GHz.

Attached below is a copy of the VK/ZL VHF/UHF logger proceedings for the
morning. You can see how things progressed. Follow the times, you have to
read from bottom to top.

21Dec, 22:07 VK2KRR All gone from VK5 by the sounds of it, no 70cm devices
heard no 2m
21Dec, 22:04 VK2KRR VK5UBC VK3XDJ now working simplex FM 146.500 I cant hear
21Dec, 21:57 VK2KRR Working VK5UBC 3XDJ on Yarrawonga repeater
21Dec, 21:55 VK2KRR Can hear the KEG there but thats about all
21Dec, 21:52 VK2KRR Listening 144.1 Garry but not much there on 2m
21Dec, 21:52 VK5ZK Beam ur way 144.1 Leigh.
21Dec, 21:51 VK2KRR Calling Brian
21Dec, 21:51 VK5ZK Wkd on 144.1. VK3KEG 5/3, VK3AXH 5/4-6, VK3HZ 5/5
21Dec, 21:50 VK5UBC Leigh listen on Yarrawonga 2m rpt
21Dec, 21:49 VK5UBC Leigh, listening 439
21Dec, 21:48 VK3YB Did u get phone nr rex?
21Dec, 21:48 VK3HZ Gary VK5ZK S1-2 +QSB in Melbourne
21Dec, 21:46 VK2KRR Macedon 70cm S9 and Bendigo 70cm 60dB both on side of
21Dec, 21:42 VK1ZQR 1296.1 and 144.1 beaming west - packet on 147.575
21Dec, 21:39 VK2KRR Brian can you try 439 again?
21Dec, 21:39 VK2KRR 2m repeaters shocking signals eg Crafers 2m 4/1 at
present; yet virtually all 70cm VK5 repeaters available at good strength
21Dec, 21:35 VK5UBC 3keg now S4 on 70cm
21Dec, 21:35 VK5ZK Not much heard on 144.1 yet either.
21Dec, 21:34 VK2KRR Summertown 70cm now 5/9+60dB+ @ 760 km
21Dec, 21:34 VK5ZK Nothing here either Leigh.
21Dec, 21:33 VK2KRR Nothing from you on 439 Garry
21Dec, 21:31 VK3YB What frequency has the mildura beacon appeared on today?
21Dec, 21:31 VK5UBC Vk2do listening 144.1
21Dec, 21:30 VK5ZK Listening 439fm vertical
21Dec, 21:30 VK2KRR Crafers 70cm 438.575 now also appeared at 5/9+40!
21Dec, 21:29 VK2KRR May try you on 439.000 Garry off your vertical if you
21Dec, 21:28 VK5ZK Listening 144.1
21Dec, 21:28 VK5ZK Here Leigh. Just finishing on 14mhz.
21Dec, 21:27 VK2KRR Garry VK5ZK where are you?
21Dec, 21:26 VK5UBC Wkg 3keg on 2m s9, & 70cm s1
21Dec, 21:26 VK2KRR Sorry make that 438.075
21Dec, 21:25 VK2KRR 438.025 Adelaide south just appeared 5/9+10 @ 778 km
21Dec, 21:25 VK3YB Sorry - couldn't get on earlier
21Dec, 21:25 VK3YB Ok rex 03 59957484
21Dec, 21:24 VK2KRR S9+50
21Dec, 21:24 VK2KRR Summertown back to S9+40 on 438.125
21Dec, 21:22 VK2KRR Barossa Valley 2m repeater 5/5, 70cm - 5/9+60. VK5ZLX
still 5/9+40 on 70cm
21Dec, 21:21 VK2KRR Brian your about 5/2 to 5/3 here
21Dec, 21:14 VK2DO Vk3keg heard beaming west
21Dec, 21:14 VK5UBC Wkg 3kyf Mildura on 432.1
21Dec, 21:14 VK2DO Mildura beacon is 529 at the moment, listening and
calling 144.1 usb

21Dec, 21:12 VK2KRR Working VK3MTV from Mildura on Murray Bridge, nothing on
21Dec, 21:11 VK2KRR Brian 3KYF is on Mildura 70cm now
21Dec, 21:01 VK2KRR Were going to 439.000
21Dec, 20:59 VK5UBC Leigh tell gary to go to 432.1
21Dec, 20:59 VK7MO Phil VK3YB: There are a couple of things I should talk to
you about can you give me your telephone No pse
21Dec, 20:58 VK2KRR Working VK3KYF in Mildura via Crafers repeater and also
21Dec, 20:55 VK2KRR Its been a while Rob
21Dec, 20:53 VK1ZQR Back on 144.1 for 8 minutes then 144.2 AE
21Dec, 20:52 VK1ZQR Strange place that wagga district? - no mildura bcn no
Adelaide bcn here
21Dec, 20:52 VK7MO GM Phil - good to see you
21Dec, 20:51 VK2KRR Wind 'dead calm'
21Dec, 20:50 VK2KRR Murray Bridge repeater 5/9 @ 733 km
21Dec, 20:49 VK2KRR Inversion actually visible on Galore Hill to west, tops
all distorted
21Dec, 20:44 VK1ZQR Have been calling 144.1 150w 4*12e hor - now going 50.11
100w hor west
21Dec, 20:42 VK1ZQR Fog in Canberra - cannot see mountains - wagga rpt s9 -
no beacons west - no sa rpts
21Dec, 20:42 VK2KRR Cripes... Barossa Valley 70cm repeater 5/9+60dB+
21Dec, 20:41 VK2KRR Finished on 439 now
21Dec, 20:39 VK1ZQR Nothing on 439 - back on 144.1
21Dec, 20:31 VK2KRR VK5UBC 5/6 439.000, 5ZLX still 5/9+40, 5JSR/m - 5/5
21Dec, 20:30 VK1ZQR Will call 439.0 fm
21Dec, 20:26 VK1ZQR Bending over the hills - wagga repeater 10/9 - calling
21Dec, 20:23 VK2KRR Were on 439.000 vertical VK5UBC 5/4, VK5ZLX 5/9+40;
VK5JSR mobile !! 5/9 peak near Eudunda!
21Dec, 20:22 VK5UBC Can you listen 70 Rob 1zqr
21Dec, 20:21 VK5UBC Wkg 2krr on 439 fm s5
21Dec, 20:20 VK2KRR  VK5ZLX is 5/9+40 dB!! on 70cm simplex FM @ 735 km,
Peter running omni vertical and 25 watts
21Dec, 20:13 VK2KRR VK5ZLX peaking 5/7 on 144.100 @ 735 km
21Dec, 20:12 VK3YB Beacon and repeater wise... not that I check many
repeaters = tassie on 70cm & mt gambier/mt william on 2m
21Dec, 20:11 VK2KRR Just hear Brian in there
21Dec, 20:11 VK3YB All quiet here leigh
21Dec, 20:04 VK2KRR Not hearing Brian here, but worked VK3ATS at Mildura 5/7
21Dec, 20:04 VK5UBC Can hear you on 144.1 Leigh
21Dec, 20:00 VK5UBC Wkg 3ats S9+ 144.1
21Dec, 19:59 VK2KRR Working VK3LY on 144.100 @ 503 km - 5/9+10dB
21Dec, 19:55 VK2KRR Other rig monitoring 144.100 west
21Dec, 19:54 VK2KRR Spoke to VK5ZIK Rob mobile via the Crafer repeater 2m @
764 km, signal weak 5/3
21Dec, 19:43 VK2KRR Summertown 70cm now 5/9+30
21Dec, 19:41 VK2KRR Ah amazing! getting 438.125 repeater from Summertown @
760 km 5/7
21Dec, 19:35 VK2KRR Adelaide beacon 5/5
21Dec, 19:35 VK2KRR Barossa Valley 70 cm repeater is S9+40! unable to copy
the 2m side at all at present! weird
21Dec, 19:32 VK2KRR Speaking to VK5ZLT on Barossa Valley repeater SA @ 737
21Dec, 19:29 VK2KRR .... other one seems to be Barossa Valley
21Dec, 19:25 VK2KRR 2 repeaters on 438.425! one Bendigo 5/9+40, the other??
21Dec, 19:23 VK2KRR Mt MAcedon repeater 5/9+60 on 2m; Geelong 70cm repeater
21Dec, 19:20 VK2KRR Adelaide 5/3, no one about as usual
21Dec, 19:18 VK2KRR Reasonable signals from other parts of VK3
21Dec, 19:18 VK2KRR Adelaide beacon 5/2
21Dec, 19:18 VK2KRR Not on there for that reason

Anyway, thats about it, very interesting stuff.

Leigh VK2KRR