DUCT 6.02.05

Well, we finally got one down in the south east of the country, been well over a month.

This mornings duct was quite a good one and was workable from parts of VK2, VK3, VK5 and

The weather was very nice 100% clear sky and virtually no wind. The temp was around 17
degC for starters I think. The dew point reading at Wagga was still +10 degC. I have
checked duct readings and it shows the duct being very high, 1700m at Wagga for instance,
similar at other areas but less than 1500 in most cases. Most unusual.

Again, I was late in finding that this duct was workable! My antennas were beaming SW
towards Mt Gambier all night. The weather map certainly wasn't looking good for anything
to happen. It wasn't until about 7.30am that I thought I could hear the VK5 Naracoorte
repeater that I thought I better turn the antennas west and have a listen.

While turning the vertical yagis and looking for Renmark TV (143.760), it only came up to
S9 which is not all that good. I switched to the repeater frequencies and straight away,
there was Barossa Valley 2 & 70 repeaters (741 Km) about S7. Startled by this, I quickly
turned the 2m horizontals and switched to 144.450 Adelaide beacon, and there it was about
S9!! Couldn't believe it!

I jumped up and sent an SMS message to VK5UBC and VK5ZLX about the duct, but it was too
late, they already knew about it anyway! Again, very poor on my behalf, though I did get
more sleep than I otherwise would have.

Typically, I pulled my new 70cm horizontal yagi back of the tower yesterday for some
tuning. Would have been interesting to try 70cm horizontal on SSB for the first time out
west, but it will have to wait for another day. I also have a 1296 MHz system getting

I went through a few of the repeaters in the west and quite a few were present. My first
contact on 144 MHz was with Peter VK5ZLX in the Barossa Valley area (735 Km). Peter peaked
at 5/9+30 on 144 SSB during the course of the morning, apparently with his antenna still
beaming Melbourne.

Next up was Brian who was 5/6 on 144.100 from Gawler (764 Km). Peter, Brian and myself
tried 70cm FM vertical but had no luck what so ever. I was kicking myself for removing the
horizontal 70cm. Brian peaked up to 5/9 during the morning.

I had Brian call me on Port Lincoln 146.750 repeater (1019 Km), while I could hear it here
at S4 I could not get into it.

I then checked a few repeaters and worked Dean VK5LB on Crafers (764 Km).

Then John VK5PO at Eden Valley broke in on Crafers, reporting that he could hear me
direct, we QSYd to146.500 and made a good FM simplex contact at 731 Km, 5/5 signal, but
John peaked up 5/9 later in the morning.

Back onto 144.100 and John VK5BJE was being heard from Scott Creek (761 Km) at 5/9.

I then found on 144.100 Les VK5JL at Grange (782 Km), Les peaked at a 5/6 signal and is
locaated on the western side of the Adelaide Hills near the ocean, so was doing well
getting over the top. I remember that Les worked VK6WG during the opening last March.

Found Barry VK5KBJ on Willunga Hill repeater 146.675 which was S9 here (771 Km).

Next up Richard VK5USB Adelaide area appeared on 144.100 only around 4/3 signal. Done well
from his QTH, apparantly I think in the city.

Interestingly, at 11.30am my time, I was talking again to John VK5PO on the Barossa Valley
146.825 repeater, we had just finished QSO and all of a sudden Chris VK3VSW calls in from
Geelong and then straight after this call, Dion VK7YBI called in (949 Km) also from near
Burnie Tasmania! Only got about one over from Chris before he dropped out as Chris has a
big hill in that direction. Dion was OK coming in over 949 Km to the repeater! VK5PO could
hear Dion direct so they went to 146.550 to try the contact, which I believe they made it
through, this is 938 Km.

On 144.100 worked VK5ZK Garry in Goolwa up to 5/7 (754 Km).

A lot of the VK5 stations were able to work many in the Melbourne and VK3 area. Including

At probably 12 midday Dion VK7YBI was then getting into the Crafers Adelaide repeater (930
Km) full quieting, very nice signal and he was speaking with VK5KJJ and myself.

Well done to Dion for these spectacular contacts. Also speaking to Dion about his QTH and
I think that he is bound to get into VK6 on ducting at some stage.

Thats about it. Things began to fade out and were mostly gone at 12.30pm, but the Adelaide
beacon was still present about 1pm but weak.

Also during the morning, just about all of the Adelaide area 70cm repeaters were worked
here at some stage, but were mostly not real good signals with QSB. Was also able to pick
up the Adelaide 432.450 beacon on my vertical antennas 5/1. Would have been interesting to
have had the horizontal yagi up. Maybe next time.

06Feb, 01:39 VK2KRR No worries Brian, beacon now only 5/2 
06Feb, 01:30 VK5UBC Leigh heard you & Dion on 5rah, could just hear Dion reverse earlier, closing down until tonight 
06Feb, 01:23 VK2KRR Adelaide beacon 5/5 
06Feb, 01:23 VK2KRR Wow, all fading away into the noise now, no other repeaters noted and Crafers virtually in the noise with QSB 
06Feb, 01:17 VK2KRR Crafers fading into the noise 
06Feb, 01:13 VK2KRR Working VK7YBI on Crafers, his doing a great job still noise free 
06Feb, 01:11 VK2KRR RRR Chris 
06Feb, 01:07 VK3VSW I need to remove this great lump on dirt to my west! 
06Feb, 01:03 VK3VSW No.... Some weak VK7 here and poor conditions this far south...VK5 disappeared quickly.... 
06Feb, 01:02 VK2KRR VK7YBI is working through the Crafers repeater (Adelaide) noise free 
06Feb, 01:01 VK2KRR Chris, just been working VK5WAM on 146.775 Lobethal, guess you didn't hear that one? 
06Feb, 00:55 VK2KRR 12 midday and the Adelaide beacon is still 5/9 here 
06Feb, 00:53 VK2KRR VK5ZK having a bit of fun there at present 
06Feb, 00:48 VK3VSW VK3II & VK3ZDK working VK5ZK on 144.100 
06Feb, 00:34 VK5UBC Vk5po wkg vk7ybi 146.5 
06Feb, 00:25 VK2KRR Holy Moly! VK3VSW Geelong and VK7YBI Burnie just called into the Barossa Valley repeater 
06Feb, 00:25 VK3VSW Barossa Valley 2M Rptr peaked 5X5 in Geelong! 
06Feb, 00:15 VK2KRR BArossa Valley repeater 2m now 5/9+40 and VK5PO is 5/9 on simplex 
06Feb, 00:01 VK2KRR Took my 70cm horizontal down yesterday 
05Feb, 23:59 VK2KRR Can pick up the Adelaide 432.450 beacon here cross polarised on the vertical yagis 5/1 
05Feb, 23:50 VK2KRR 70cm Repeaters - Crafers S5 @ 764 Km; Barossa S9+30 @ 737 Km; Summertown S9+10 @ 760 Km; Adelaide south S4 @ 778 Km 
05Feb, 23:47 VK2KRR VK5ZLX working VK3FMD 
05Feb, 23:46 VK2KRR 2m repeaters -Lobethal S9 @ 747 Km; Willunga S5 @ 771 Km; Crafers S9+10 @ 764 Km; Houghton S2 @ 759 Km; Barossa S9+20 @ 741 Km; 
05Feb, 23:43 VK2KRR VK5ZLX working VK3AFW 
05Feb, 23:42 VK2KRR Just worked VK5USB on 144.100 - 4/3 
05Feb, 23:27 VK2KRR VK5BJE on 144.100 I think, but still on 146.675 
05Feb, 23:25 VK2KRR Adelaide beacon 5/9+10 - 144.450 
05Feb, 23:22 VK2KRR VK5KBJ on Willunga Hill repeater which is 5/9 at present here @ 771 Km 
05Feb, 23:21 VK5ZLX-S Chris, 2DO, sorry I missed you, when you first called you were quite strong but then faded. 
05Feb, 23:13 VK2KRR VK5JL is 782 Km from here 
05Feb, 23:10 VK2KRR VK5JL now working VK3FMD 
05Feb, 23:07 VK2KRR VK5JL peaking 5/6 on the far side of Adelaide Hils! near the beach 
05Feb, 23:05 VK2KRR Working VK5JL in Adelaide 144.120 
05Feb, 22:49 VK5UBC Vk2krr still 5x9 on 144.120 
05Feb, 22:12 VK2KRR VK5BJE 5/9 on 144.120 
05Feb, 22:11 VK5UBC Geelong 2m Beacon s3, 70cm s1 
05Feb, 22:11 VK2EMA Mt lofty 5/9 into the centre of n.s.w. 
05Feb, 22:10 VK2DO Vk5vf beacon fading, but some long meteor burns, no sign of stations other than peter, so far 
05Feb, 21:58 VK5UBC Vk3axh 144.1 5x6 
05Feb, 21:53 VK2EMA Vk5ubc 4/1 vk5zlx 5/9 
05Feb, 21:50 VK2DO Hearing peter, but not brian so far 
05Feb, 21:49 VK2EMA Vk2do chris vk5zlx hearing you load 
05Feb, 21:46 VK2DO Now in contact with peter, 5zlx on 144.13 
05Feb, 21:45 VK2DO Copying someone working mark on 144.13 
05Feb, 21:44 VK5UBC Wkd VK3ii 5X3, VK2EMA wkg on 144.13 
05Feb, 21:42 VK2DO 539 from vk5vf 
05Feb, 21:41 VK2KRR 2m repeaters Lobethal - 5/9 @747 Km; Port Lincoln 5/4 @ 1019 Km; Crafers 5/9+30 @ 764 Km; Houghton 5/3 @ 759 Km; Barossa 5/9+20 @ 741 km 
05Feb, 21:39 VK2EMA Ok Brian turning beams now 
05Feb, 21:36 VK2KRR Brian I am sure I heard VK5PO on the Canberra repeater 
05Feb, 21:35 VK5UBC Wkg vk3hz 144.1 5x3 
05Feb, 21:33 VK2KRR Unfortunately 70cm horizontal yagi is back in the shed 
05Feb, 21:33 VK2KRR Working VK5UBC on Summertown 438.125 @ 760 Km 
05Feb, 21:19 VK2KRR Heard VK5XE on simplex FM 
05Feb, 21:15 VK2KRR JUst got Central north VK5RLH @ 833 Km 
05Feb, 21:05 VK2KRR Working VK5PO on 146.500 FM he is 5/2 
05Feb, 20:59 VK2KRR On Crafers still here 
05Feb, 20:57 VK5ZK Listening 144.1 Leigh. 
05Feb, 20:55 VK2KRR I think VK5ZLX is working VK3XLD 
05Feb, 20:52 VK2KRR Working VK5LB on Crafers repeater @ 764 Km 
05Feb, 20:49 VK2KRR VK5UBC up to 5/6 on 144.100 @ 764 Km 
05Feb, 20:48 VK5UBC Mark, have a listen on 144.1, hearing Orange rpt 
05Feb, 20:44 VK2KRR VK5ZLX is 5/9+ here 144.100 @ 735 Km