Duct Morning 26.04.05

Beginning between 3 and 3.30am this morning were some good duct conditions
to the Adelaide area.

Adelaide 144.450 woke me up at about 3.15 am coming up over the radio
squelch level.

It kept getting stronger so I got up and tried a few repeaters.

Crafers 147.000 was there @ 764 Km and I spoke to VK5MM at Mt Barker. Was
not a great deal else about at this stage so I went back to sleep.

After 6.30am the beacon was about 5/5 with QSB and Crafers repeater was up
to 5/9 but also had QSB. Lobethal was there on 146.775 up to about 5/5 and
Barossa Valley 146.825 was up to 5/9, 438.425 was up to 4/3. I also received
a signal from the Summertown 438.125 repeater up to 5/4 @ 760 Km.

Was good to see some 70cm repeaters available, dissapointingly I did not
hear a thing from the Adelaide 70cm beacon though.

Later I worked VK5KBJ on Crafers repeater.

On SSB 144.100 all I worked was VK5PO at Eden Valley 731 Km, who had SWR
problems and peaked only 5/5, I would have expected a bigger signal from
John considering the Barossa repeater strength. Also, Terry VK3ATS in
Mildura (466 Km) was a surprising 5/9+10 signal. We tried on 70cm but I did
not hear a thing from Terry though apparantly he was copying me. I believe
he is only running QRP on 70.

Sadly the legendary Murray Bridge repeater 146.875 is still off air awaiting
repairs, I believe due to a lightning strike. Not an easy task considering
the antenna is up about 200 ft on the tower !

The weather is looking quite good here at the moment (Tues Evening) very
still and calm. Hopefully another bout of DX tonight or in the morning.


Leigh VK2KRR
The Rock Hill