DUCT 1st and 2nd May 2005

Some interesting ducting came up yesterday evening and this morning.

A weak front passed through over the weekend, which did not cause much
disturbance. Yesterday evening the air became very still and the sky cleared
right off, it also got very cold!

Sure enough, Adelaide beacon was audible after the sun went down.

From around 6pm things started to pick up, Adelaide beacon was 5/1. It QSB'd
in and out for a while slowly becoming stronger each time.

By 7.30pm the Adelaide beacon was 5/5 on 144.450 @ 762 Km west. The Adelaide
Crafers repeater came up and I was able to work VK5AVQ and VK5THA. I went to
try 144.100 with 5AVQ but instead found Brian VK5UBC @ 764 Km. Brian peaked
5/6. I then also heard the Barossa Valley 2m repeater and also Lobethal.
Then could pick up the Adelaide 70cm beacon but only on Spectran.

After 11pm Renmark TV was up to 5/9+60 @ 600 Km west on 143.760.

Mildura beacon was 5/7 - 144.435 @ 466 Km west.

Broken Hill beacon peaked at 5/9 - 144.525 @ 638 Km NW

Broken Hill repeater was 5/8 - 147.000 and I worked VK2YVG Paul at Broken

The Broken Hill beacon and repeater reception is quite rare.

Around midnight worked VK5MM on Crafers repeater and also some rare DX
through the repeater by way of Bill VK5ACY on Kangaroo Island.

Before I went to sleep I noted the Mt Gambier 2 and 70 beacons audible @ 644
Km WSW and the 1296.550 beacon was on Spectran.

Mt Gambier beacons were again good in the morning and 1296.550 was 5/0.
Could not get the Mt Gambier repeaters.

Adelaide 2m beacon was weaker and not much from the repeaters.

Terry VK3ATS at Mildura was 5/9+10 on 144.100

Brian VK5UBC was 5/9 - 764 Km

Garry VK5ZK up to 5/9 - 754 Km

All contacts on 2m.

Leigh VK2KRR

WEATHER MORN 02.05.05 - WIND 0 Km/h; RH 75%; BAR 1026.6+; DP +3 degC; Temp 3.0 degC; INV +2.2 degC.