OPENINGS TO - VK5 = 30; VK6 = 3

9.07.03 Morning and Evening Duct covering western inland VK3 pretty boring.  None
18.07.03 & 19.07.03 Afternoon on Friday to 7.30 pm Saturday Upon arriving home on the Friday night I was greeted with mega signals. Very exciting. Ararat was 60db+. Mt Gambier was S9+20db. Was able to get Mt Gambier 70cm. Great simplex contacts with VK5NJ John in Mt Gambier on 2m and 70cm FM. Upon swing over to Adelaide, most VK5 repeaters were copied, including 70 cm devices. Two simplex contacts were made into the Adelaide area with VK5ZMB Brian and VK5THA Greg. On Saturday the duct was much weaker and did not include as many repeaters. VK5ZMB, VK5THA, VK5NJ (2&70), VK3EME, VK3HEN, VK3ANW.
16.08.03 Very early morning 12.30am till 7.30pm Opening across to Adelaide and other VK5. Always seemed to be a struggle to get anywhere and had to run up to 100W at times to get through.. VK3KYF - Garry Mildura, VK5KBJ Barry, Sth Adelaide
2.09.03 to 4.09.03 PM on 2nd till around midday on the 4th Duct to VK5. Made big jump to Port Lincoln 2m repeater 1019 km. Worked some new 70cm repeaters in VK5. Still having to push the power a bit. None
7.09.03 to 8.09.03 Began at 12.46pm 7th and finished evening of 8th Opening to SE VK5 and other similar areas, but not VK5 main. Got Orange repeater almost full scale. Also Narracoorte. None
3.11.03 Morning 5.45 am to about 7.20am First Summer type duct for new season. Not strong or extensive, but there all the same. Murray Bridge 5/9, then Crafers 5/4 then Barossa Valley 5/5.  VK3ATS Terry Mildura 5/7.Click here
7.11.03 Morning 3.30 am to about 10am Nice. Worked Port Lincoln 70cm for the first time today, 1026 km! Good opening Only main VK5 repeaters and nothing to the north of Adelaide. VK3ATS Mildura, VK5ZMB Gawler 10dB.
9.11.03 Morning Good signals to VK3 and Mildura, no VK5 but Terry VK3ATS Mildura reports strong signals from VK5. VK3ATS
10.11.03 Morning  Very good signals around VK3, worked some VK5 repeaters late 9.10am Port Augusta, Port Pirie and Renmark. None
11.11.03 Morning 4.40am on Some signals to VK5, Crafers, Murray Bridge, Barossa. Mildura None
12.11.03 Morning 2.30am to 9am Very nice strong signals, from a number of repeaters in VK5 and other places. VK2PDW @ Hay on 2/70 simplex 222km. VK5ZAI Kingston, VK3LY Nhill, VK3AEF Jim Nhill.
13.11.03 Morning Limited VK5 and VK3 None
14.11.03 Morning Duct now north, Orange, Rylstone and Tamworth 70cm None
16.11.03 Morning Strong signals from many VK5 locations and rarer repeaters coming in. Cowell 60db!, Port Lincoln 20 dB, Central North 50dB! Port Augusta 20dB Barossa full scale. VK5ZTY, VK5MM, VK5ACY.
23.12.03 Morning from 12.50am M.B, Lobethal, Crafers, BarossaV, Port Augusta, Bumbunga, Cowell, Bordertown, Warrnambool No simplex
26.12.03 Morning from 3am MB, Lobethal, Crafers, Mt Gambier, Bordertown, Ararat 40dB, BarossaV, Port Lincoln 2m & 70cm was noted as very strong S9, then Mt Saddleback VK6RMS near Perth SEE NOTES HERE
27.12.03 Around sun up Short weak duct, MB, Lobethal, Crafers, Central North. No simplex
28.12.03 Sun up to around 10am MB, Crafers, Lobethal, these were not strong and did not last long. Had fun on 146.650 with Shepparton and Narracoorte working together, many stations calling in fro VK5.7,2,3. ??
29.12.03 Morning Conditions to the north. Orange, hear Glen Innes 2m but not able to access, 728km. VK2ALN Canowindra 20dB
31.12.03 Morning around sun up Strong signals south. Also BarossaV 70cm seems strong. Heard Barossa and MB on 2m not strong. Nil
1.1.04 Sun up area 70cm again appearing strong than 2m across to VK5, 2m barely workable and 70cm BarossaV good. Also 438.125. There is a heat trough near QTH and temps in 40 deg area Nil
2.1.04 Sun up area Conditions to Adelaide but not strong. Again 70cm appears better than 2m a small time after sun up. 438.425, 438.125, 438.575. Nil
5.1.04 Sun up Adelaide and Melb Yes Click Here
14.1.04 Sun up Condx Adelaide and north into parts of NSW Yes Click here
7.2.04 Sun up Condx Adelaide Yes Click here
8.2.04 Morning Brian VK5UBC made it to Boddington, Mandurah !! and Katanning repeaters Yes Click here
15.2.04 to 21.2.04 Began evening. Last heard Morning to 12pm Probably one of the best Ducts ever for me. Esperance 2m beacon copied on the 18th. Yes Click here
26.3.04 Before sunrise to 1.23 pm! Worked VK6WG, Wally at Albany W.A, 2645 km, also copy on Mt Barker beacon on 144.565 CW, still able to get to Crafers rptr at 1.23 pm, latest time ever. Yes Click here
7.04.04 Approx sun rise to 1.50 pm Very interesting and unexpected duct to Melb and Adelaide. Occured morning after rain previous day. Yes Click here
3.05.04 1.30 am to 12 pm & then approx 6.30 pm to around 10.30pm OK Duct to Adelaide in morning. S9 signal from Adelaide beacon, copied direct signal from VK7MO/6 at Eucla at 1740 km distance. In the evening easily worked VK5ACY, VK5UBC, VK5ZK on SSB. Yes Click here
21.05.04 Around 11 am to about 2 am next morning Interesting conditions noticed this one starting around midday with a path 630 km SW to Mt Gambier, this lasted most afternoon, then suddenly after sun down it switched to WNW extending to Port Augusta 913 km away. Most Adelaide was shut out getting as low as central north repeater. Yes Click here
28.05.04 4am to past 7.30am  & 9 pm to approx 2 am Adelaide beacon broke S1 sql at 4am. Checked rptrs got Port Augusta at 7am @ 913 km. Later 9 pm Adelaide beacon broke S1 sql. Isolated, got to Crafers, MB and Lobethal. Also worked VK5ZLX near Barossa Valley on FM and SSB Simplex to S5 signal, deep QSB noted. VK5ZLX simplex - 735 km, Peter running 25w to omni vertical.
5.06.04 Evening 6.30 pm to about 2 am Signals began from Mt Gambier and switched again to north of Adelaide and then to Adelaide area. VK5ZLX, VK5AKJ, VK5KCX YESCLICK Here
21.06.04 to 23.06.04 4.30am on 21st to maybe lunch time on the 23rd Adelaide beacon came up from 4.30 am on Monday morning, last heard Tuesday evening late. Wednesday was mainly VK3 and up to Mildura. Yes Click Here