Direction - South West then West up to WNW.

Max Distance - 913 km - Port Augusta repeater 146.975, signal to S9+20 able to get in on only 2 watts - Around PF87wr

Weather - Been busy and forgot to note it down exactly, but from memory Calm, Clear & Cold 6 degC approx. Large high cell virtually centered over my QTH at the time, which is slightly unusual as the conditions mostly occur when the cells are slightly further west.

Local Time - From approx 6.40 pm to about 2 am. (sunset about 5.05 pm at present)

UTC Time - 0840 to 1600 utc - 5.06.04

Comments - Initially I worked VK5AKJ at Mount Gambier QF02id on 144.100 SSB signal 5/5 at 638 km. Next I turned west towards Adelaide PF95??. Got Lobethal repeater 146.775 at only S3 at 747 km. Port Augusta was S9 at 913 km.
Around 7.30 pm, only repeater left was Port Augusta and interesting to note that it is the highest repeater in VK5 at 845 meters above sea level.
At 8.00 pm Port Augusta lost signal strength slightly and then Barossa Valley (500masl & 741 km), Lobethal (unknown height & 747 km), and Crafers (610masl & 764 km) repeaters came back in.
At 9.10 pm I noticed Port Pirie 146.700 (730masl & 867 km).
At 10.00 pm I worked VK5ZLX on 144.150 SSB in PF95me at 735 km, he was S9+20dB. Also found VK5KCX at Galwer on same freq at 764 Km unsure of grid.
About 11.00 pm got to the Broken Hill repeater at 638 km approx QF08rb. Also got to Central North repeater at 833 km 413 masl approx PF95bu. Around this time I also hear the Barossa Valley 70cm repeater on 438.425 at 737 Km.
Around 11.30 pm worked VK5XE on FM simplex 146.500 at 791 Km - grid PF96hc.
Conditions still there at 12 midnight but most people QRT.

Leigh VK2KRR
The Rock Hill, NSW