BIGHT PATH OPENING - Adelaide to South of Perth - 8.2.04

In the morning of the 8th February 2004, a Bight Path existed between Adelaide and South of Perth.

VK5UBC, Brian, first noticed the Bight path was open at about 2100 utc and ended about 0000 utc. This is 7.30 am to 10.30 am Adelaide time. That would be around 5 am to 8 am Perth time.

Brian VK5UBC, in Gawler South Australia, made it to the following repeaters - 

VK6RMS at Boddington @ 2062 km - 590 masl, omni antenna, 20 w. 147.250 MHz

VK6RAW at Katanning @ 1950 km - 400 masl, omni antenna, 25 w. 147.000 MHz

VK6RMW Mandurah @ 2102 km - 520 masl, omni antenna, 20 w. 146.900 MHz

Brian found he could hear the Esperance and Albany 2m Beacons also.

The Duct Graphs listed at the bottom of this page are from 00 utc on the morning of the opening (8.2.04). Remember that these graphs are listed as being 00 utc graphs. It was around this time that the conditions to the west for Brian failed. I would imagine that the ducts would have been much lower before this data was taken. It certainly would be interesting to get duct data during the peak of the opening, that would be interesting.

Its also very interesting to note that during this opening, stations from Mt Gambier, Melbourne and Wagga (The Rock) areas reported no signals of any significance to the west. The ducting graphs clearly illustrate why, take a look.

For a short period on Monday morning, Brian was also able to make it to the Albany repeater on 146.725 VK6RAL, 50 masl, unsure of power output. Distance is 1900 km. He could also get the other repeaters accessed the day before, but much QSB and did not last long at all.