The VK2KRR station is running WSPR all the time unless there is excellent conditions and we can make contacts on voice. WSPR is an excellent indicator of band openings and condition of band 'health'. Im running WSPR on 3 bands at once usually.
During the day Im running 2m, 6m and 10m WSPR.
At night Im running 2m, 160m and 10m WSPR.
When the sun rises in the mornings the 160m radio gets switched back to 6m band, and after I deem 6m to be no good in the evning, it gets switched back to 160m for the night.
2m and 10m are running all the time with yagis. 10m is usually beaming toward USA first half of the day and then around to Europe. After the EU paths die I may sometimes beam long path to USA for the night.
On 2m I also use yagis and they will usually beam to the west to Adelaide or VK6, unless condtions (wind and tropo) make me beam it toward other spots, usually VK3 area, mostly Melbourne.

<= Left : Results from one day of 30m WSPR RX.
Just wanted to see how the 30m WSPR Challenge would look.
These results are from same time period as 30m map, above.