VK2KRR - An Introduction

VK2KRR is located at The Rock Hill, southern NSW, Australia. The station is located 222 masl. Locator is QF34mr. 

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1991 when I was in High School.

At my site west of The Rock Hill, I'm mainly interested in Tropospheric radio wave propagation in conjunction with Meteorology Observations, for bands of 6m and higher (mostly 2m). I also observe Ionospheric propagation at 10m, 6m & 160m bands. This is done with the extensive use of the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter program, or WSPR for short.

I'm observing Tropospheric Propagation into and across the Great Australian Bight to Western Australia and beyond. I have put many hundreds of hours into the research and study Tropospheric conditions both in theory and in practical 24 hour a day monitoring at times. I also run the World Tropospheric Ducting Network on Yahoo groups, which has some of the legends of tropospheric ducting from around the world exchanging information and observations.  

Photo above : Set up from approx 2005 to 2011. North tower 4 x 17 ele 2m yagis, 1 x 38 ele 70cm yagi, 12 ft dish 23cm. South tower (set up from approx 2003 to 2011) 4 x 13 2m FM yagis.

The VK2KRR station holds a number of VHF/UHF records due to its favourable location and being on air at the right times.

I have an interactive page on facebook for my station.

I hope you enjoy the VK2KRR site.  

Leigh Rainbird. VK2KRR.


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