HF / 6m & DTV DX

All bands on this page are currently not in service. The page contains information about previous activities.


6M - 50 MHz Optibeam OB6-6 80 ft LDF5-50 ICOM IC-7700
HF - 40, 20, 15, 10m Optibeam OB 17-4 70 ft LDF 5-50 ICOM IC-7700


6m - 50 MHz

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01.01.12 - Today at about 11am I was able to work W3XO/5 Bill in Texas, 13908 Km, signal up to 5/5 both ways. It was quite amazing to hear a station in the USA coming in on voice, when a lot of the time the band is very quiet.

JQ1BVI, JA1QOP, JH0HZO, JH1WHS, JF1LXO, JA3APL, JH1RZY, JH3LBD, JA3EGE, JA5AOA. Numerous Japanese stations.

Above Photo - Optibeam OB6-6 (6m) yagi above the Optibeam OB17-4 HF Yagi.

HF - 40, 20, 15, 10m

The Optibeam OB 17-4, is a 17 element quad band yagi. There are 3 elements on 40m; 4 elements on 20m; 4 elements on 15m and 6 elements on 10m. The antenna weighs 100 Kg. It is an extremely high quality, very powerful unit.

Below - OB17-4 Beaming around 330 NNW in 2011

Image Below : Werners (DF6MK) Report about my reception of his 1 mW (milliwatt) signal on the 14 MHz WSPR freq.


Image Below : Report from W3DRK about my reception of his 10 mW, 14 MHz signal on the Long Path.

Image Below : Report from John EI7GL about 28 MHz WSPR

Digital TV DX

I have looked for Digital VHF and UHF TV signals here to further monitor the tropo conditions. The equipment consisted of -

*Lenoxx Set Top Box HDS600

*UHF antenna - Hills SFX91WB Fringe yagi at 55ft.

*VHF antenna - Matchmaster 18 element, 3m boom at approx 47ft.

*Both have seperate low noise pre-amps ,1.6dB nf.

Came to the conclusion that Digital TV DX on VHF and UHF is very difficult, mostly due to how much signal strength is required to produce a picture.

11.07.11 - Tonight I RX'd my first real DX Digital TV signals. These Digital TV DX signals were heard using a BUSH set top box. and two Hills TV fringe antennas, VHF & UHF fed into a combiner / pre-amplifier. Antenna height 20ft.

Ch 44 Adelaide - 760 Km

SC10 Port Pirie - 860 Km

GTS BKN Port Pirie - 860 Km


This link is a small video I made of 44 Adelaide coming in here @ 760 km on UHF DTV 29.12.12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wodOJ63fewg&feature=youtu.be