Opening 10.11.02

This opening produced full scale signals over a very wide coverage area from 1500z to 2330z. I managed an easy simplex FM contact with VK5AEP at Port Lincoln (1023km) at S20db over. The problem we have testing the conditions is lack of operators on in the early morning hours. Obviously the signal would have extended much further west and the lower graph at Esperance WA shows the duct still being present there. I made contact with the majority of Repeaters through South Australia and a number of simplex contacts when people switched there radio's on, mainly later in the morning my time and a good simplex to VK3MTV at Mildura giving a wider view of the extent of the duct.

Later that day in the evening simplex contacts were made with VK2LRR at The Rock NSW and VK2KCF at Griffith NSW and VK3KNB close to Charlton Vic.

Weather map of the morning.