OPENINGS TO - VK5 = 19; VK6 = 0

31.10.02 2am - 7am  Opening centered around Adelaide S.A but also extending a great distance around South Australia. YES! Click Here
09.11.02 2am - 10am Opening starting with VK5's contacted through western Victoria Repeaters then opening direct to Adelaide. YES! Click Here
10.11.02 1am - 10.30am Strong opening to the majority of South Australia as well as most of western Victoria and probably to W.A. YES! Click Here
12.12.02 6.55am - 8am Confined Duct only to Port Augusta SA. YES! Click Here
21.12.02 2am - 9.30am Late morning duct to Victoria and parts of S.A, Including Swan Hill, Naracoorte SA, Nhill, Bendigo Average
22.12.02 9.30pm - 1am Evening Duct to Parts of VIC and SA. Contact with Rob VK5MM on Crafters Adelaide, contact with VK5OZ Steve in Adelaide thru Grampians Vic S7 Strong signals for the evening.
4.01.03 3am - 10am Brilliant early morning Duct. Very strong signals from most parts of VK3. Also VK5 and VK1  YES! Click Here
15.01.03 6am - 9am Late morning Duct into VK3 & VK5. Not all that strong or wide spread as some previous Ducts. YES! Click Here
19.01.03 11.30pm - 10am Duct condition starting from late in the previous night to late the next morning, signals from VK1, VK2, VK3, VK5. Excellent duct and lots of simplex worked. YES! Click Here
23.01.03 7pm - 3am Simplex to Geelong, Rptr contacts to VK7 through MtBarrow and Geelong. Interesting
27.01.03 9am - 11am Contacts into Crafers Adelaide 147.000 of side of Yagi at 11am Sunday morning. Unsure when this opened as I was not listening. Contacts were VK5BXN, 5RF, 5VK, 5MG Rather weak
8.02.03 3am - 11.50am Brilliant Ducting which I was able to access portable at QF34jv, Galore Hill. Easy VK5 work. YES! Click Here
9.02.03 5am - 11am Stable HIGH pressure cell, continued on from previous morning. Easy VK5 work. 2nd morning
10.02.03 3am - 7.30am+ Again the stable HIGH pressure cell continued from the previous two mornings. Easy VK5 work. 3rd morning
15.03.03 Early - 10.50am Freakish Ducting into VK3 only. Great simplex with VK3ZGT Geoff in Warrnambool 534km, VK3HEN Darren at Kyabram, VK3UBC, VK3AIC. Did not hang around as expected
30.03.03 Early - 12pm Noticed this condition from very early morning (1am) and lasted a very long time. It appeared to be only strong Super Refraction but readings from AREPS showed a Duct present over my QTH. Confined only to VK3. Exceptional Simplex contacts made were : VK3VSW in Geelong 384km; 
31.03.03 Evening HIGH cell moving across victoria centered between VIC and TAS. Same duct as yesterday. VK3YD John 40km east of Melb. 322km
01.04.03 Evening Not as intense, but same duct as yesterday. Olinda 2m rptr in on 147.175
09.04.03 Morning Into VK3, parts of VK5 (Mt Gambier area) and some VK2 Weak signal from Mt Gambier
12.04.03 Afternoon An interesting phenomena. I believe this to be an Evaporation Duct. Caused after a down pour of rain the previous night and morning, followed by a warm mid morning and afternoon. This causes the air from ground level up to a certain distance above ground to be saturated with water vapor, this causes a trap. Arart rptr useable. 3ANW, 3XDP, 3FIQ, 3DSF, 3HEN, 3DNH, 3GOM on simplex
14.04.03 Midnight This peaked for only around 2 hours near midnight on Monday night. Mildura S7, Robinvale S8, Swan Hill S7, Canberra S8 No stations on air at this time.
20.04.03 to 23.04.03 Mainly in the mornings of these dates This started the Sunday of the Easter weekend. Very good signals into VK3 and SE VK5 - Mt Gambier and Naracoorte. Stations in the far SE of the country around Melbourne and Gambier had very strong sigs from West to East, a few stations heard the Esperance beacon. Southern stations able to work into VK7, from Melb and Gambier. Weather charts Simplex with 3VSW, 3ANW, 3KOS, 3FGY, 3GOM, 3XDP, 3JGL
1.05.03 6:40pm to 2.00am 2 repeaters stayed in until 7:30am A long awaited VK5 opening today. Most repeaters were copyable at least, some were up to 40db+. Furthest repeater was Pillaworta Hill S4 but unable to access. Broken Hill was also in around midnight but not for long. Warnambool, Mt Gambier, Crafers, Murray Bridge, Lobethal, Coolanie, Mt Kitchener, Port Augusta, Robinvale, Bumbunga Hill, Port Pirie, Swan Hill, Berri. Simplex with VK5AJW Jim in Cowell S3, VK5ZMB Brian in Gawler, S1. VK3DCZ Phill 70cm S5.
3.05.03 9pm - 10.30pm Duct south west into Mt Gambier and Naracoorte, Grampians and Charlton. No simplex
4.05.03 12.20pm - 4pm VK5 duct. Impressive for the time of day. Limited range of repeaters, mainly Murray Bridge, also Lobethal. No simplex
4.05.03 7pm till late Mainland to Tassie Duct, I was unable to work any VK7 stations but did hear others working them such as VK3ANW in Kyabram to VK7LCW simplex of which I could just hear LCW with my radio on CW. Well done on the contact Noel
30.05.03 Evening Unfortunately I only caught this one on the mobile radio as my home antennas were in Horizontal. Heard a station in Bendigo and Bathurst into Canberra repeater. No Simplex
17.06.03 to 20.06.03 Hung around most of the day and night Interesting conditions in that its gradually built up on the 17th and stayed in most of the time, seemingly peaking in the warmer mid mornings and evenings before night fall. 70cm was quite impressive with a number of Melb 70 cm repeaters being full scale! On the Wednesday night at 11.30pm a opening to Murray Bridge occurred until 12 midnight. 750 km. Also into Mt Gambier before this around 9.30pm. VK3HVN Matt, VK3ANW Noel,VK2XB Ian, VK3LO Colin, VK3JGL, VK3TEX, VK3HEN, VK2KE, VK3VTX