Opening 12.12.02

This opening was quite interesting. A Duct across the 910 km long path to Port Augusta SA. I was able to easily access the repeater there on 5w. The repeater is on 146.975. It was at times giving a RS - 5/5. No one was about to contact. Isn't it interesting how that was the only place opened to me. The explanation for this occurrence is shown in the Duct Graphs. There was a Duct between The Rock and Woomera. Note that the Duct at Woomera in the Graph is at 160m, at The Rock its around 800m at Adelaide is over 1000m. This explains why the Duct was able to access Port Augusta, the Duct was most probably at ground level or closer to it a few hours earlier. Where as at Adelaide it was to high.